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Self Care by Blur

Self Care

Is it Time to Treat Yourself?

We had a client tell us the other day that “2022 was for learning and healing, now 2023 is all about doing sh*t for me.” We couldn’t help but embrace that mantra ourselves. If there’s one thing we’ve walked away with from the last few years is that it’s impossible to share outstanding compassion if we don’t allow ourselves the same opportunity for well-being. First things first: self-care is not synonymous with being selfish. Self-care means caring for yourself so that you can be healthy, well, proficient at your job, help others, while accomplishing your needs and wants in a day. Self-care may mean a variety of different things to any one person, but any one step towards self-care may fall into either tending to one’s physical or emotional health. Short term benefits of self-care gives us immediate feelings of wellbeing through the release of endorphins- but long term, research shows, it fosters resilience, living longer and becoming better equipped to manage stress.

Start by giving yourself permission. This includes learning how to cut the feelings of guilt associated with budgeting time and money for yourself to be well. It sounds cliché but reminding ourselves that we cannot fill other’s tanks if our own is empty. We must get to give.


Self-care is not synonymous with being selfish

Learn to cut the feelings of guilt associated with budgeting time and money for yourself to be well

Self-care exists in both temporary and enduring forms that allow both short term and long term benefits

At BLUR, we want to help make your aspect of self-care that boosts your self-confidence as achievable as possible

We need to re-educate ourselves on the difference between activities of daily living and self-care activities. 10 minutes alone so you can shower is not self-care it’s personal hygiene. A free day to catch up on laundry is not self-care, it’s a daily living chore. 30 minutes in the car alone commuting to work is not self-care it’s a required part of your workday. It’s easy to get lost in the tasks of daily life, where we adapt a coping strategy of thinking less stressful aspects of our day count as self-care. This is where feelings of burnout, resentment, and anxiety are planted and only continue to grow so long as we continue to feed into them.

Like any aspect of change, many of us begin by asking: So where do I start? Starting simple in this case will help to pave the way for permanent change. This part of your self-care journey may fall into “temporary” self-care. Examples of this could be grabbing dinner with a friend, taking an art class, reading a book, or going to a movie. You’ll benefit from the feeling of wellbeing from the immediate release of endorphins, but the effects won’t linger too long after the social connection has finished. With that being said, it’s still a very important step in proving that self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate to be effective.

Hyperpigmentation treatments and management:

Does this sound like something you’ve dealt with, or currently deal with? Know you’re not alone. Hyperpigmentation is easily the most common skin concern, following wrinkle reversal/reduction, expressed by BLUR patients during consultations. So how do we treat hyperpigmentation if it can’t be cured? Through unique management, often multimodal, a targeted treatment approach can help spots fade, and help prevent discoloration from returning.

Where we really start to see the long-term benefits of self-care is through “enduring” self-care activities. These are permanent, routine, consistent, purposeful in nature. These activities take more mindfulness to complete as you’re leaning new habits and lifestyle change. Ask yourself: “Will this bring me sustained joy in the long run?” What is your goal? Is it a healthier lifestyle? Self-care may include 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to stretch, walk, or meditation. Taking time to grocery shop and food prep for your week. 

Key-word: Uninterrupted. Unplug and allow yourself this time. Ditch the urge to multi-task. Is your goal to improve self-confidence? Try journaling self-affirmations. What are you good at? What do you help others with? Have you been neglecting services that impact your personal appearance? Look for products you already own in your cabinet. Put your skincare routine you’ve been meaning to get to on your nightstand. Eliminate any extra steps in completing it before bedtime. Try a new hairstyle. Already making time at home for yourself, but still feel like something is missing? Schedule that free consultation at BLUR. See what treatments you can’t do at home that will set the foundation for your at home maintenance efforts to help make a difference. See what would fit in your budget that might surprise you.

This category may tread the line of seeming self-indulgent to some, but to differentiate- if the activity helps you de-stress, carve out time for yourself, and is within your means, it counts as self-care. At BLUR, we want to help make your aspect of self-care that boosts your self-confidence as achievable as possible.

We accept and encourage the use of both Allē and Aspire, the rewards programs behind the brands of Botox/Juvéderm and Dysport/Sculptra. These programs pay clients back for future services just for getting the services they were already getting. Don’t forget about BLUR’s referral program! Want $50 off your next visit? It’s as simple as referring your friends. For every new client an existing client refers they both receive $50. Have more than one friend that is interested? The $50 referral discounts are unlimited, and can be stacked- referred 3 friends? That’s $150 you can put towards any single item or service BLUR offers.

Ready to make BLUR’s services a part of your “enduring” self-care routine? Consider our BLUR Perks program. A membership that pays you back! BLUR Perks is a monthly rewards program that allows clients access to exclusive year-round discounts. Every month, a $100 payment will be credited to your account at BLUR which you can use on absolutely any product, injectable or service. Every dollar you put into your BLUR bank account is yours to use! If you’d like a service that is over your BLUR bank credit amount, no worries, we’ll apply your banked amount and you pay the difference- and you’ll still get BLUR Perks pricing! This is definitely a no brainer for clients who are coming in consistently for their Botox/Dysport, but an added perk to those looking to expand their aesthetic journey with built in savings.


$1.50 off/unit of tox

$25 off single syringe of filler

$15 B-12 shots

$50 off vial of Sculptra

10% off retail skincare

15% off single session micro needling or peel.

Feel proud about what’s looking back at you in the mirror.

Self-care isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Remind yourself of that. Whether it’s promoting emotional/spiritual/mental health, or physical health, we cannot meet the demands life with full intention if we put ourselves last. Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate to be effective, rather purposeful. The only thing we can’t do for you, is carve out the time for self-care out of your schedule. Once you take the biggest leap of setting the time aside, we’ll be ready for you at BLUR.


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