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AKA Botox® & Dysport®: your wrinkle prevention and corrective agents. Neuromodulators work by softening muscle movement, that with repeated use can cause facial wrinkling, resulting in a smoother more youthful appearance. With consistent use, they not only prevent lines from forming, but diminish wrinkles over time.

Common areas of treatment include: 11’s or furrow lines between brows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

Also consider use for: Lip flips, decreasing gummy smiles, down turned smiles, smile lines, jaw clenching/grinding that can cause tension headaches, thinning of jaw line, brow lifts, chin dimpling, neck bands and much more.

What to expect: You’ll meet with one of our licensed nurse injectors for a consultation to develop a treatment plan together, incorporating your identified concerns and your nurse injectors evaluation of your skin. Plan for your first visit to be longer than follow-up treatments for initial consultation, consent and treatment time. Using a very small needle for the injection, people may feel a slight pinch or prick sensation, but in general is described as a low-to-no pain procedure. Due to age, individual anatomy, differing muscle movement and strengths, keep in mind that each individual’s unit dosing varies.

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Down time: With little to no downtime following neuromodulator treatment, this is a perfect procedure to receive any day or time of the week, easily transitioning back to your day without any noticeable change to your appearance. A few things to always remember with neuromodulators is the need to avoid laying down for 4 hours post injection, as well as avoiding exercise, hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms for 24 hours post injection. No rubbing, massaging, pressure etc at injection sites- pay close attention to washing and apply facial products gently.

Results: Clients may notice effects in as little as two-three days post injection, with full results typically reached in 14 days. On average, results will last 3-4 months. A 2-week follow-up appointment will be made following initial treatment to ensure desired results are being achieved.

Additional info: If fine lines and wrinkles are one of your main cosmetic concerns- you may consider incorporating medical grade skincare peels and/or microneedling treatments between neuromodulator injections to help achieve heightened results.

Wrinkles caused by loss of facial volume rather than muscle movement require a different treatment plan. You and your nurse injector may discuss the use of dermal fillers in your treatment plan. 

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Botox® & Dysport®

BLUR'ing Packages

Looking to get the most BLUR for your buck? We want your results to be just as impactful as they are natural. Get a complete result, in just one visit, at the best pricing.

unit pricing

Our nurse injectors provide a free consultation where your goals are discussed and integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve your desired results.


blur perks membership pricing

Neuromodulator treatment requires on-going maintenance – join BLUR Perks to ensure you receive the best value for your treatments.


allē provider

BLUR is an ALLĒ provider, get rewarded for the treatments you receive. For more information and to start receiving rewards visit:

Pit Package

The Pit Package is a perfect option for people who are looking to control excessive underarm sweating. Consider this package anytime of year, but especially before the summer time or prior to a big event.


Trap Package

The Trap Packages help relax the trapezius muscle near the neck. Whether your goal is to relieve unwanted muscle tension, or achieve the look of a slimmer and more elongated neck you should consider this package.

Mini: $450
Max: $850

TMJ Package

The TMJ Packages are designed for individuals seeking one of two options : to slim your face by relaxing the tension in your jaw, or to help individuals struggling with symptoms associated with TMJ such as teeth grinding, clenching or migraine headaches.

starting at: $500

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