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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) PRP, a component in your body’s own blood, is a leader in skin and hair rejuvenation as it stimulates collagen production. This process can help heal scars and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When using PRP as an addition to your microneedling treatments, it may speed up the healing process and stimulate skin renewal that has been shown to produce better results than microneedling alone. PRP may also be used as an injection, for hair restoration as it has been shown to stimulate hair follicles to produce new growth, or in combination with facial fillers.

Your body’s own “liquid gold” collagen stimulator, it makes the perfect addition to boost microneedling results, or on its own as an injection for hair loss. Ask your nurse injector about adding PRP to your treatment plan.

dermal filler

BLUR'ing Packages

Looking to get the most BLUR for your buck? We want your results to be just as impactful as they are natural. Get a complete result, in just one visit, at the best pricing.

Bright Eyes

Under-eyes leave you looking dark and tired? This is the package for you. We not only address hallowing and darkening of the under eyes, but help restore structure and volume loss in the cheek area that creates a cohesive, natural, refreshed look.



Mid-face makeover

Does the center of your face and mouth not reflect the age you feel? Reverse the common signs of aging from collagen depletion by BLURing wrinkles around your mouth/ smile lines, replenishing lift to your mid-face- nasal-labial folds or “jowling”, or restoring fullness and hydration to your lips. 


lower-face define

Looking to balance facial volume or create more definition to your jaw/chin? Restore structure that is compromised by bone and facial fat pad depletion, replenish volume and smoothness, redefine your jawline, rejuvenate your chin area to blance lips, and recapture a more youthful, refreshed appearance.


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